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85/88350 -Paper AssignmentsLiterature Reviews:For this assignment you are required to write an 8 to 10 page double spaced literature review. The paper should focus on a critical review ofa specific question pertaining to stereotyping, prejudice ordiscrimination. The topic can be something that is of special interest toyou or it can focus on a research area for which findings are not clear.Students are especially encouraged to explore topics that are notcovered in much detail in class.In writing your paper, you should explain what is known about the topicand what if anything is wrong with the literature in this area (e.g. poormethodology use, contradictory research findings). Scientific sourcesare required to support your statements.You should obtain sources for the paper from an electronic database(e.g. PsyInfo) or from peer reviewed scientific journals. You must use aminimum of 8 references for your paper. Magazines and other popularmedia are not appropriate sources for the review. These sources maybe used to supplement findings from the peer-reviewed journal article,but cannot be considered one of the required 8 sources.The paper should be written in APA format and must include a titlepage and a reference page written in the proper APA format. Allsources cited in the paper should appear on the reference page.Examples of appropriate topic include:Are children really prejudice?What types of females join hate groups?Are gender stereotypes really universal?Is it possible to accurately measure subtle prejudice?What role does religion play in predicting prejudice?

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