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After reading the scenario pertaining to “wardriving”please answer the following questions below.Your answers should be free from all topographical and grammatical errors.A car drives through your neighborhood with a laptop computer and tracks WiFi access points. This is called “wardriving,” when people in the car are scanning for any wireless connection to access. Unfortunately, anyone with a wireless router is vulnerable. The wireless router is designed to extend the its’ signal providing an Internet connection with a range that can reach into the street, the yard, and even the neighbors’ house. The wardriver’s computer is looking for a SSID, which is the wireless network name people assign to their home networks. The wardriver uses software to scan the airwaves for SSIDs. The wardriver can use the victim’s internet access and can explore computers on the network. If files are shared within someone’s private network, all that information is available to the wardriver, including the user’s passwords and credit card numbers used on the Internet. This vulnerability has become a major problem with millions of American homes that now use a wireless router.Looking for unsecured networks is not a crime and gathering information is no crime, but it is illegal to access found networks. Paul Timmins and Adam Botbyl, members of the Michigan 2600 group of hackers, found this out. They were wardriving in Southfield, Michigan and they came across a Lowe’s hardware store with an open wireless network. Timmins accessed the Lowe’s network and checked his e-mail account. Lowe’s realized their system was breached and contacted the FBI. They traced the breach to Timmins who was then charged with unauthorized computer access.Who is more responsible for the breach in a wireless security system the wardriver or the company?Do you think the wardrivers’ actions are ethical? Explain.Do you believe wardriving should be considered illegal? If so what type of crime should it be considered a felony or misdemeanor?What type of risk is wardriving? Do you think it is insurable?

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