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topic oneResearch on the Internet (and provide the reference) a recent situation where a fundamental conflict or disagreement occurred within a group setting. How was the conflict resolved (if at all)?2)What resolution methods were used in order to resolve the issue?3) Learning from the conflict resolution methods presented this week, what methods would you have implemented and used in this situation and why?In this thread we will explore the many forms of conflict and the roles it can play. Another of our core themes is the impact culture has on conflict. We will also examine conflict management strategies. Be sure to review the highlight on when alternative conflict-management strategies may be most useful. It will be particularly exciting to review the negotiation process and examine common and negotiation pitfalls, such as escalation of commitment in our discussion.We will review collaboration, and discuss supportive communication principles that all good leaders should master. As always, I look forward to our interactions in the thread this week.Can conflict be a positive?topic 2It seems common in many of today’s workplaces that people don’t actually talk to one another frequently. We rely on e-mail or the even less rich communication channel of text messaging. The benefits of moving lots of information quickly around an organization and between individuals are real. However, people can too frequently hide behind their computers and send messages electronically that they might otherwise censor or rethink in face-to-face communication. What approaches would you recommend or implement as a new manager taking over an organization to improve communications without abandoning the use of e-mail?2)For this discussion thread, we will review communication and collaboration, with focus on the communication process, barriers to communication, and strategies for successful communication. Culture can absolutely impact the success or failure of communication, and examine the differences between low and high context cultures.We will also examine organizational communication in great detail and cover everything from the informal “grapevine” to high channel richness “face-to-face” communication. In an era of e-mail, texting, and the even more abbreviated tweeting. Are we better off now then we were prior to the proliferation and role technology with regards to communication?

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