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Review Matching ExerciseACC 1511. Complaint2. Counteroffer3. Discovery4. Jurisdiction5.6.7.8. Statutory LawOptionCommon LawWarranty 9. Uniform CommercialCode10. Breach11. Defendant12. Assignee13.Alternative DisputeResolution (ADR)14. Bailment15. Mediation16. Contract17. Consideration18. Offer19. Acceptance20. Equity A. A means to resolve disputes other than litigation.B. A body of principles that developed because the rules oflaw were inadequate. Allows for a fair result in a court case.C. Promise either express or implied about the nature, qualityor performance of goods.D. Law developed by judges who issued their opinions whendeciding a case.E. Something of legal value given in exchange for a promise.F. Transfer of possession but not titleG. Failure to perform under a contractH. When parties to litigation engage in various activities togather information.I. A form of ADR in which a neutral third party acts as areferee to try to resolve the dispute (acts like a messenger)J. Written law enacted by the legislative branch of the stateand federal government.K. The document filed by the plaintiff to initiate a lawsuit.L. In contract law, agreeing to terms of a proposalM. A party who is sued in a civil case; party who is prosecutedin a criminal caseN. A legally enforceable promise or set of promisesO. The authority of a court to hear a case.P. A third party to whom contract benefits are transferred—stands exactly in the position of the assignor.Q. The manifestation of willingness to enter into a contractualagreementR. A contract to refrain from revoking an offer.S. A rejection of the original offerT. Applies to sale of goods

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