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Chapter 10 Case 1Adobe Analytics offers a number of software products and tools that companies can use to generatedetailed reports for online business managers about the amount and nature of their Web site traffic. Thissoftware can tell Web site owners not only how many unique computers logged on to their sites, but canprovide detailed information about which pages they viewed, how long and in what order they viewedthose pages, from which Web site they arrived, and to which Web site they went when they left. Manyonline businesses find the information in Adobe Analytics reports to be valuable and they subscribe toone of the company’s services, which include not only the reports but also various levels of consultationwith their marketing and Web operations managerAdobe Analytics software can also generate a list of sites a visitor has viewed in the past. The softwareaccomplishes this by placing cookies on client computers and by having their clients include Web bugs(the company calls them “Web beacons”) in the pages their Web servers deliver to site visitors’ browsersand in marketing e-mail messages they send. This information is extremely valuable to Adobe Analyticsclients because it can tell them if visitors to their site have, for example, looked at several different sitesthat offer similar products before entering their Web site. Individuals can examine the cookies stored bytheir Web browsers to learn more about which companies have placed cookies on their computers.Cookies shown as having been placed by either the or domains areAdobe Analytics cookies (these are the domains where its cookie-placing servers are located) and thecompany uses information about previous visits to individual Web sites to make its reports to andconsultations with clients even more valuable. The cookies that Adobe Analytics places generally do notexpire for several years. Adobe Analytics offers consumers a way to avoid having or omtrdc.netcookies placed on their computers. To do so, persons must find the right page on the company’s Website and then must elect to have a specific opt out cookie installed on their computers. This cookie willinstruct Adobe Analytics servers not to place any more cookies on their computers.1. Using your favorite search engine or the Web Links for this book, locate and read Adobe’s privacystatement on its Web site. Evaluate how easy it is to find the company’s policies on cookies, howclearly it presents the options and how well you think the company protects the privacy of those whoown computers on which the company has placed cookies. Be sure to discuss the range of options thatAdobe provides and comment on whether you found them to be clearly stated and easy to use.2. Given that Adobe Analytics provides a valuable service to online businesses that want to learn moreabout potential customers who visit their sites, discuss the ethical issues arise for the company and itsclients when the cookies are placed on customers’ computers. In your discussion be sure to considerthe following: site visitors generally do not know that cookies are being placed on their computers, thecookies are identified only as being placed by the or domains (neither AdobeAnalytics nor the client who will use the cookie information is identified), and that the cookies have alife of several years.3. NBC Sports used several analytics tools from various companies to capture comprehensive crossplatform audience measurement statistics for its coverage of the Vancouver Olympic Winter Games.NBC was broadcasting part of its Olympic game coverage on its Web site for the first time, so it wantedto track and analyze the effectiveness of its advertising in that medium. Describe the ethical issuesthat you believe might exist for companies such as Adobe Analytics as a result of their contracts with NBC Sports or their interactions with the other companies involved (those companies provideprimarily television audience tracking services)

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