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Alternate Research Activity: Article CritiqueThis assignment (via Canvas).Earlier this semester, you had the opportunity to participate in several research studies to earnyour 2 research participation points. Each research opportunity was worth one point. If you chosenot to participate in the studies, you can complete this assignment to earn those points.Directions:1. Find an article that relates to academic success. The article can summarize a study(similar to the ones you’ve read for this class) or just discuss something that interests you.You can use whatever search engine/resource you want to find the article. Make sure yousave the article.a. When searching for your article, try to find something that interests you! Forexample, are you interested in how sleep impacts academic performance? If so,find an article that discusses that.i. Some examples of things you could research are: sleep, diet,procrastination, professionalism, mental health, exercise, language, andstudy habits. Please note that this is not a comprehensive list. You can findan article on any different topic as long as you can somehow relate it toacademic success.2. Write a 1-2 page double-spaced paper that:a. Summarizes and critiques the article you found andb. Explains how it relates to what we’ve learned about in this class/ why it’simportant3. Submit the article and your paper via Canvasa. If you are submitting two articles and papers, you will be able to submit themboth to the same place*Please note that each research article you find and write about is worth one research point.Therefore, you should find and write about 2 articles if you haven’t participated in any researchopportunities yet.

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