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Short Answer Questions at least 3-5 sentences to answer each1. List the characteristics of an ideal constitution. Does the US Constitution live up to these ideals? Does the Texas Constitution?2. Explain why the piecemeal process of amending the Texas Constitution every two years will likely continue3. Identify the factors necessary for people to live the American dream today4. Discuss the difference between a pure capitalist economy and a regulated capitalist economy.5. Explain the purpose and features of the War Powers Act of 1973.6. What are the two key leadership positions in the Texas legislature, and what are the key powers of each position?7. Identify the six (6) factors used to measure gubernatorial strength. (Hint: Number of elected statewide executives, Tenure of office, Governorâs appointive powers, Governorâs budgetary powers, Governorâs veto powers, and Political party control are the six factors that you need to identify them)8. Explain how the office of the governor of Texas can be strong politically despite the fact that it is formally very weak.

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