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An insurgency usually targetscivilians.military personnel.government workers.All of these are correct.Flag this QuestionQuestion 21 ptsAsymmetric warfare is war between two sides with highly unequalmilitary capabilities.resolve over an issue.political representation.influence over the public.Flag this QuestionQuestion 31 ptsBased on the research into civil wars, which of the countries would be most likely to experience a civil war?a relatively wealthy state with a strong, authoritarian governmenta relatively poor country with a strong, authoritarian governmenta relatively wealthy state with a longstanding democratic governmenta relatively poor country that is undergoing a political transition from authoritarianism to democracyFlag this QuestionQuestion 41 ptsCOIN doctrine is toabsolutely destroy an by forcing insurgents into nearby countries.punish civilians who support insurgents.defeat an insurgency by giving civilians a stake in the government.Flag this QuestionQuestion 51 ptsHow do most civil wars end?The withdrawal of foreign support for rebel groups forces the rebels to concede.A peace agreement results in a negotiated settlement of hostilities.One side achieves an outright military victory.The government is defeated.Flag this QuestionQuestion 61 ptsOutbidding is a strategydesigned to demonstrate competence compared to other terrorist groups.seeking to impose further costs upon a government.whereby terrorist attacks are intended to provoke a reaction from the government and thereby gain more support.intended to capture the mechanisms of the state.Flag this QuestionQuestion 71 ptsProvocation is a strategyseeking to impose further costs upon a government.developed to capture territory from a state and impose sovereignty over it.whereby terrorist attacks are intended to provoke a reaction from the government and thereby gain more support.intended to capture the mechanisms of the state.Flag this QuestionQuestion 81 ptsSeparatist rebel groups join another state.control of the state.subnational autonomy.Flag this QuestionQuestion 91 ptsSpoiling is a terrorist strategy intended toimpose costs upon a government.capture territory from the state.provoke a response from the state.sabotage a possible peace between the state and moderate groups.Flag this QuestionQuestion 101 ptsTerrorism is best defined asthe use of violence against noncombatants.the use of violence against noncombatants for political ends.the use of violence by noncombatants against nonstate groups for political ends.the use or threatened use of violence by nonstate groups against noncombatants for political ends.Flag this QuestionQuestion 111 ptsTerrorists achieve their goals through coercion bymaking other groups look ineffective.imposing high costs on the target such that the target concedes to reduce future costs.capturing territory by winning battles.building up alternative structures within the state to show they are a viable alternative for social services.Flag this QuestionQuestion 121 ptsThe civil war in Crimea, in which ethnic Russians living in the Crimean region of Ukraine fought to break away from Ukraine and join Russia instead, is an example ofseparatism.irredentism.nationalism.sovereignty.Flag this QuestionQuestion 131 ptsTwenty-five new states joined the international system between 1990 and 2015. The majority of these states were createdthrough national referenda in the result of civil wars in a result of the breakup of the Soviet Union.through the creation of new island states in the Pacific.Flag this QuestionQuestion 141 ptsWhat counterinsurgency strategy did the United States use in Iraq and Afghanistan?draining the seaswimming with the fishCOINCOINTELPROFlag this QuestionQuestion 151 ptsWhat is a proxy war?A war between two domestic groups each backed by foreign powers.A war between two groups using technology instead of people to fight.A war between two major powers fought through war games rather than real wars.A dispute between two sides settled via an agreed competition – like soccer rather than a real war.Flag this QuestionQuestion 161 ptsWhat is the problem with the “draining the sea” counterinsurgency strategy, as exemplified by the Sri Lankan government’s effort to combat the Tamil Tigers (LTTE)?It risks alienating the population and increasing support for the rebel groups.It takes a long time to develop genuine support among the people.It is responsive and shifts initiative to the rebel group.It is expensive.Flag this QuestionQuestion 171 ptsWhich of the following is NOT a contributing factor to civil war?There are groups of people, motivated by greed or grievances, whose interests conflict with those of the government.The government is too weak to assert sovereignty over a portion of its territory.People feel they cannot pursue their grievances through regular political institutions.People can recruit enough fighters and purchase enough weaponry to pose a threat.Flag this QuestionQuestion 181 ptsWhich of the following is an example of a commitment problem in civil wars?Governments cannot trust rebels to disarm.Rebels cannot trust the government to not take advantage of their disarming.Governments do not know how strong the rebels really are.Rebels may not really have the capacity to win a war.Flag this QuestionQuestion 191 ptsWhich of the following statements most accurately describes the relationship between ethnic and religious differences and civil war?Sharp ethnic and religious differences are the root cause of civil wars.Discriminatory economic, social, or political policies rooted in ethnic and religious differences make civil war more likely.Ethnic and religious differences are more likely to lead to civil wars in developed countries.There is no relationship between ethnic and religious differences and civil wars.Flag this QuestionQuestion 201 ptsWhich principle in international relations most strongly supports claims by cultural, ethnic, or religious groups for independence?national self-determinationimperialismsovereigntyirredentism

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