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Art 101 Art HistoryFinal Exam Study GuideChapters 12, 13, 14, & 17Essay questions: you must write at least 1/2 page for each. These are short essay questions and shouldbe your own thoughts and opinions with nothing taken from other sources. 100 points total1. Discuss the symbolic meanings that fifteenth-century viewers would have comprehended in theobjects contained in the domestic environments of either the Merode Alterpiece or the ArnolfiniDouble Portrait. How have the artists made these objects look so real? 20 points 2. Define linear perspective. Choose a work that clearly demonstrates its use and discuss how theartist employs this technique. Does perspective affect the way the story is told or the meaningthat it conveys? 15 points3. Define the Protestant Reformation and the Counter Reformation. How did these two movementsaffect art? Choose one piece during the Reformation and one piece created during the CounterReformation and compare and contrast the two pieces. Be sure to point out changes in stylebetween the two periods. List the title, artist, date, and medium of each piece if known.20 points4. Discuss the complicated portrayal of space in Velazquez’s Las Meninas. How does this painterdifferentiate foreground and background? How does he suggest the extension of pictorial spaceto include the area in front of the picture plane? 15 points 5. What event does The Raft of Medusa depict? Was this a true or made up event? Who is the artistand during what period was it painted? Discuss this period in terms of usual subject matter andcommon characteristics. 15 points 6. What is the painting Slave Ship (Slavers Throwing Overboard the Dead and Dying, TyphoonComing On) based upon? Who is the artist and during what period was it painted? Discuss whatthis painting depicts. 15 points

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