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Question 1The tallest Romanesque cathedral mentioned in chapter 11 is Speyer Cathedral. True FalseQuestion 2Which church is NOT affiliated with an abbey or monastery?FontenayHildesheimNotre Dame la GrandeSaint-RiquierQuestion 3The poem, ______________ gives context to the Anglo-Saxon ship burial at Sutton-Hoo.Question 4Another ship burial mentioned in chapter 10 was found in ________________, NorwayQuestion 5The word Viking comes from the old Norse word Vijdurfenjer, meaning “giant.” TrueFalseQuestion 6The term Carolingianrefers to the Frankish king, __________________.Question 7A reliquarywill often contain an actual part of a saint’s body, such as hair, fingernails, or even an entire skull.TrueFalseQuestion 8The Chi Ro Iotapage from the Book of Kells illustrates ________________’s initials.Question 9As in much Islamic decorative pattern, Hibernian illuminated manuscripts used intricate, abstract pattern to symbolize the breadth and complexity of the divinely created world.TrueFalseQuestion 10Which characteristic is NOT affiliated with what is known as the “animal style”?small sizeasymmetryhigh degree of pattern and stylization of organic formsintricacyQuestion 11The ancient Hibernians—who never became part of the Roman Empire—were from Denmark.TrueFalseQuestion 12Which illuminated manuscript did NOT come from an Irish scriptorium?Lindisfarne GospelsThe Corbie Gospel BookThe Book of DurrowThe Book of KellsQuestion 13What property was NOT inherent to stone ceilings as they were being constructed in Romanesque churches?wonderful acousticsgreater structural integrityeasier to buildfire protectionQuestion 14Charlemagne’s personal chapel at Aachen is modeled after the _________________ in Ravenna, Italy.Question 15The monumental bronze doors at Hildesheim Cathedral show narrative relief sculptures that are arranged to have a typological significance.TrueFalse

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