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Paper format: Cover page4-6 pagesDouble spaced APA 6th edition formattingAt least 2 in-text citationsA reference page at end appropriately formattedTimes New Roman font1" marginsHere is some general information on the subject matter:As possible, search for leaders outside your comfort zones, because the tendency is to alwaysuse the same ones (Lincoln, MLK, Hitler, Gandhi etc.) A few examples may be AlbertEinstein, Thomas Edison, Chuck Hall, Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey, and Sonia Sotomayor.Also, include the area they were proponents of (this would be part of the introduction), suchas research and development; environmental; social justice, etc. I want you to think criticallyabout whom you choose and comment on whether the leadership dimension(s) you identifiedin yourself align with this leader, deviate from this leader, or reflect leadership qualities towhich you aspire; why? I would really love to see some that are obscure or unique.

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