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Learning OutcomesReview the Course Learning Outcomes as you develop your Learning Outcomes Portfolio.Evaluate the roles and influence of key individuals, institutions, and organizations in the development and regulation of commercial aviation.Explain the general contextual elements influencing aviation policies and regulation, including technology, markets, group interests, and politics.Interpret the specific contextual elements that shaped key aviation regulatory events, such as passage of the 1938 Civil Aeronautics Act and the 1978 Airline Deregulation Act.Identify the impacts of key aviation regulatory events on the commercial aviation and aerospace industry and the evolving context of aviation policy and regulation.Identify historical and emerging contextual and regulatory continuities of probable relevance to current and future commercial aviation events and policy.Select and apply appropriate research and communication methodologies in the analyses and presentation of subjects of relevance to the objectives of this course.Review and explain the history of international aviation relations by focusing on the conferences, conventions and treaties that shaped and affected international agreements between nations in aviation matters.Note: You will not receive a score on this assignment submission, but you are still required to submit these first two Learning Outcomes. You will receive valuable feedback from your instructor that will assist you in submitting your complete Learning Outcomes Portfolio in Module 9. You will receive a Complete or Incomplete for this assignment.

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