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Writing assignment gives you a chance to apply the economic principles thatwe talk about in class to activities taking place in the economy. You can findeconomic articles in newspapers, magazines or on-line forums. Economics is relatedto many different fields and topics, from the comic book industry to space travel. Forexample, you can write about choices that individuals, businesses or governmentsmake and their impact; how prices in a market are being affected by supply or demandchanges; or decisions that affect long-run growth, etc. Just about any topic that wetalked about in class can be seen in the economy. You may also choose a country fromthe CIA World Factbook and report on (1) its background story –from theintroduction; (2) its economy—describe the type of economy (open-market orcentrally planned, etc), GDP growth rate, GDP per capita, types of agriculture andindustry, GINI index (inequality), inflation rate and unemployment rate; and (3) thehealth of the economy (as related through the various statistics).When you find an article, set up your paper using three headings: (1) Title andSource, (2) Summary of Article, and (3) What Does This Have to do with Economics?1. TITLE AND SOURCE: At the top of your page, write your name, the date ofthe article, the title of the article and the name of the newspaper, magazine or websitewhere you found it. You must use a legitimate source. Do not bring an opinion piece.If the person has a strong point of view and does not look at both sides of theargument, then it is an opinion piece.2. SUMMARY OF ARTICLE: Write a paragraph or two, describing the article(summarizing the main points). Basically, you’re setting up the story so weunderstand why it caught your attention.3. WHAT DOES THIS HAVE TO DO WITH ECONOMICS? Describe why thisarticle interests you, economically. What does it show or what does it imply or what did you learn from it? Talk about your article’s relevance to the economic topics wecovered this semester.Paper Format: 1. Your paper should be 1 full page and single-spaced. If possible,please bring in a copy of your article. 2. The format will be as shown above. Use threeheadings: (1) Title and Source (2) Summary of Article and (3) What does this have todo with economics?Grading: 1. Correct format (1 point) 2. Citing your source (1 point) 3. Whenpresenting your article, give a good summary and discussion about your article’srelevance to economics (3 points). You must present your article to the class duringthe week of April 24th. If you do not present your paper, the maximum score you canreceive is 2

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