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Assignment, you are given an opportunity to explore and apply a decision making framework to an IT-related ethical issue.A framework provides a methodical and systematic approach for decision making.UMUCModule 2 – Methods of Ethical Analysis (see LEO Content – Readings for week 2) describes three structured frameworks that may be used for ethical analysis, namelyReynolds Seven-Step Approach, Kidder’s Nine Steps, and Spinello’s Seven-Step Process.There are several ways described in UMUC Module 2 to systematically approach an ethical dilemma, and while each of the frameworks described has its merits, each will result in an ethical decision if straightforwardly and honestly applied.In addition, you will want to consider the ethical theories described in Module 1 – Introduction to Theoretical Ethical Frameworks (see LEO Content – Readings for week 1) which help decision makers find the right balance concerning the acceptability of and justification for their actions. A separate write-up of the ethical theory that supports your decision is part of the following requirements.Video Games:Does playing video games distract from everyday responsibilities? Do video games correlate with real world violence? Why do game creators continually increase the violence of video games? What is video game addiction?Cyberbullying:What is cyberbullying and what can be done to stop it?Net Neutrality: What is the current position of the federal government and is it fair to all?

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