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Infertility and treatmentsAssignment criteria 1. Topic : Infertility and treatments -research this topic as it relates to human biology.The term paper should be educational and evidence-based.2. Write a paper of 1800-2000 words (double-spaced), excluding references. You mayinclude pictures, tables and other material but please include all references. You shouldcite information in the text from at least five sources (including books, journals, and theInternet). You may not use online encyclopedias. Use APA style for citing references . Allsource material should be paraphrased or summarized in your own words. You shouldhave no more than one direct short quote (less than 40 words) and no long quotes (morethan 40 words) in your paper.3. The sections of your Term Paper should include a title; an introduction thatdefines/describes your topic and what current/ongoing research has discovered about thistopic; background information on what healthy organ system(s) is/are affected by thetopic; the mechanism of action (e.g., how does the topic disrupt homeostasis? how doesa disease spread and infect a person?); its symptoms and how it is diagnosed; currenttreatment options; prevalence/any other relevant statistics and your references. Youmay include additional sections as necessary to cover your particular topic.4. Your explanations and uses of evidence, illustrations, or other definitive details should beappropriate for a science class: explanatory and well supported by reasearch; yourlanguage should aid the reader’s understanding of the subject (including definitions whereappropriate); you should use information logically, and provide conflicting evidence andresearch where appropriate.

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