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Assignment student should write on the Topic: the Great
The principlesof Godis the assignment in two separate papers
(one on the history of missions and the other on the theology of missions) has
been combined into one historical/theological 14-page paper and 12 reference
sources. This paper should identify significant historical and theological
convictions that motivated the Church and individual believers in spreading the
Gospel to the ends of the earth. Student should focus on the aspect, and
essential about the great commission, as possible these need to be chronological,
theological, missiological, and sociological. Student need to identify and
qualify the five separate passage from the four Gospel: Matthew, Make, Luke,
and John, and including the Book of Act that speak to the purpose of the great
The paper (written according to Turabian form and style
guidelines) should be 14 pages, (with title page, table of contents and
references page), double-spaced, and should include the following:
(1) An introduction explaining the presuppositions upon which
the student is building
(2) The treatment of biblical references against the
background of the context
(3) The treatment of the cultural, geographic, historical,
social, spiritual and temporal factors specific to the background of the
(4) Input from competent scholars who have dealt adequately
with the topic
(5) A clear structure with adequately marked divisions
(6) Application to the church today
(a) The revelation of God’s concerns for all people and of
His desire that all people be reached with the Gospel. in the great commission
desires the church to incorporate as the Gospel is spread around the world and
the mission is concern.

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