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Assignment Purpose:Understand the CDI process and Create physician queriesAssignment Description: Step One: Research information on the CDI process and physician queriesStep Two: Create a two-page APA formatted paper which explains the CDI process and the importance of physician queries.Step Three: Develop a physician query for the following two scenariosScenario One: Patient is admitted into the hospital the fever and cough. X-ray is performed which demonstrated right middle and lower lobe pneumonia. Patient has a history of a previous CVA with a late effect of severe dysphagia. Sputum culture obtained shows pseudomonas aeruginosa. Physician final diagnosis is Pneumonia. Query the physician of the specific type of pneumoniaScenario Two: Patient is admitted into the hospital with shortness of breath and weakness. Patient had a chronic history of diastolic CHF. Lab tests performed showed a BNP of 750 pg/ml. Echocardiogram shows acute systolic failure. Physician final diagnosis is CHF. Query the physician for the type and acuity of the CHF.Step Four: Submit your paper and queries for grading

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