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Assignment #2:(Note: This assignment is due at the end of week 8)Your employer is interested in improving your work environment. His hypothesis is that disputes and disagreements among workers are the main factors relating to an unhealthy, or unhelpful working environment. Since you are a methods expert, your employer has asked you to undertake a study to uncover what types of disputes regarding work occurs on a daily basis, and the type and nature of the persons who are involved in these disputes. He wants you to observe your immediate work unit (not the entire organization) unobtrusively for a period of one week (5 work days or until you accumulate information about 10 disputes/disagreements) and record those instances of disputes/disagreements in detail including their nature, persons involved, and any other relevant details pertaining to those disputes or disagreements (please read observation methodology carefully on making notes while observing).At the end of the week you are expected to go over all your observations and compile a report regarding types and nature of disputes in your workplace. You must present your journal entries for all days you observed in your workplace, as well as the final report. Make sure your final report includes your recommendations to improve the working environment.(If you are currently not working, think of a social group you are a member of and observe that group for this exercise.[TELLING ME THAT YOU DO NOT BELONG TO ANY SOCIAL GROUP IS NOT A VALID EXCUSE].If you still have questions regarding the project please email me).Your report must include the following sections with appropriate subheadings.1. Introduction: The nature of your assignment and a description of your work unit (not the entire organization: Just your immediate working unit)2. How you organized your study and used unobtrusive observation as your method of observation3. How you maintained your journal for one week4. What your journal contents reveal about the assignment with a description of how you arrived at those conclusions5. Your recommendations to improve the work environment based on your observations6. Conclusion7. References8. Your journal entries for each day

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