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Week 1 discussion
Before you select your discussion thread topic (using the
options listed below) and before grading the discussion, there is one task that
you must post on my thread within this discussion area (Called
Confirmation – Dr. Blackburn). If you
don’t see it, scroll through all of the threads – sometimes it may not be
automatically visible if a number of students have posted. Within my thread,
you need to state that you have read the Syllabus and Discussion Guidelines –
Introduction to Discussions
Week One Discussion (make sure you always have in-text
citations as well as a matching reference list in APA format for all threads
and posts). Assume that you will always need citations to support your
discussion threads. If you read it somewhere, then you have to cite.
Information in this class is not common knowledge; therefore, you need to
support your work in discussions.
Question: Every person who has a disability responds and
adjusts to the disability differently, For example, even identical twins with
the exact some genetic makeup who have the same disability and severity of
symptoms will more likely than not have different responses and adjustment.
Using the required reading materials and other research literature (no
Wiki…., WebMed, etc. sites) name and
describe three individual factors (individual or personal factors – not general
societal factors), then discuss how each factor would influence an individual’s
adjustment and response to the disability(s). For example What personal factors
make the difference between one person’s adjustment or maladjustment versus
another person?
Hint: There are many specific factors that influence
responses and adjustment, be specific — no general or generic responses, For
example, saying psychological would be an unacceptable response, but familial
history of depression with a description on how this would influence an
individual’s response and adjustment would be acceptable.

Week 2 discussion
Your choice. Pick number one or number two for your
discussion question this week. You just need to answer one of them for your
thread. Make sure you have read the course materials before answering either of
these questions.
1. Different countries have introduced different strategies
to increase accessibility for those with a disability in the area of open
space, education, employment, and/or professional life (careers). Explore the
internet, find another country besides the U.S. that has worked in increasing
accessibility in one major area, and discuss how they attempted to do
2. In reviewing the court cases from the readings, select
one that was interesting to you, and explain why it holds your interest. How
does this court case affect society in general, and those with a disability (s)
today. Provide specific support for your response.
While I won’t always say this… In the beginning, I like to
remind everyone that you need to support your answers with in-text citations
and a reference list. Also, while length doesn’t always represent a substantive
thread, a few sentences is not adequate for your posts.

Week 3 discussion
The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA)
requires that a continuum of placement options be available to meet the needs
of students with disabilities. The law also requires that: “to the maximum
extent appropriate, children with disabilities … are educated with children
who are not disabled, and that special classes, separate schooling, or other
removal of children with disabilities from the regular environment occurs only
when the nature or severity of the disability is such that education in regular
classes with the use of supplementary aids and services cannot be attained
satisfactorily.” IDEA Sec. 612 (5) (B).
Given the forecast of the current administration moving
public education to a voucher program to expand charter schools, how would this
action affect the implementation and the quality of IDEA. You need to support
your response with reputable resources. What would be the advantages and
disadvantages of this action. You can take both sides of the argument or choose
one position. In response to others, please be respectful. This is not a
discussion about political views.

Week 4 discussion
As you know, this week is focused on universal design.
First, write a one paragraph narrative (5-8 sentences) that describes a person
who has more than one disability. Be descriptive. You can make up a person or
describe someone you know well or from a distance. Then, I want you to select
and create a space using technologies (not just IT but other assistive
technologies as well) that would help this specific individual. Please let me
know the type of space you are creating. The space could be a living room,
kitchen, community room at work, office, playground or park, a school lounge. Shop
around, look up literature on the best technologies today for the specific
disabilites, explore best practices – what is recommended, ignore costs, and be
creative. Some of the technologies may also include other items that the person
could use in the room or with their wheel chair, if appropriate. Make sure you
use citations as appropriate, and if you use a catalog to find a specific
product, then provide a link. Important: Just don’t list the technology. You
need to describe it and talk about how it can provide assistance, and why you
selected it. Choose only designs and items that will meet the specific person’s
needs that described in the narrative. Grading will be based as well on how
appropriate the design and products match the narrative.

Week 5 discussion
You have reached Week 5! This week I want to give you a mini
break regarding writing posts on other student threads. You will only be
required to post your thread, unless I ask for you to acknowledge a SNAPshot or
give your opinion. Remember the entire 10 points will be focused on quality of
content, in-text citations, and a complete reference list only.
This week is focused on different types of disabilities.
Choose a single disability, and then write about how this disability affects
the 1) safety of the person, 2) communication patterns (including, if
applicable hearing, speaking, comprehension, social registry, engagement,
etc.), and 3) social relationships, including friends, family, and significant
others). You need to be comprehensive, in that one example of each is not
sufficient. Make sure you support your thread. And I would prefer that you move
away from the learning materials on this discussion question, and choose a
disability that you would want to understand more thoroughly. Remember communication
is different than social relationship effects. Even though a disorder may not
directly affect communication including speech, comprehension, or social
registry, other more specific physical impairments can impact communication
style and engagement, e.g., limb loss. All disabilities impact the three areas
that I have identified, so make sure you address all three for full credit.

Week 7 discussion
This week is focused on disabilities among older adults. I
want you to pick a particular disability that is more common in older age. Name
it, describe it, and provide current statistics in the last five years on its
prevalence in the U.S. Then using other resources describe the specific
challenges that a caregiver would face in providing care for this specific
disability with an older adult (in order to receive full credit). Do not
provide generic challenges of caregivers. Your work must be supported by resources.

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