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Week 1 discussion
Before you select your discussion thread topic (using the
options listed below) and before grading the discussion, there is one task that
you must post on my thread within this discussion area (Called
Confirmation – Dr. Blackburn). If you
don’t see it, scroll through all of the threads – sometimes it may not be
automatically visible if a number of students have posted. Within my thread,
you need to state that you have read the Syllabus and Discussion Guidelines –
Introduction to Discussions
Week One Discussion (make sure you always have in-text
citations as well as a matching reference list in APA format for all threads
and posts). Assume that you will always need citations to support your
discussion threads. If you read it somewhere, then you have to cite.
Information in this class is not common knowledge; therefore, you need to
support your work in discussions.
Question: Every person who has a disability responds and
adjusts to the disability differently, For example, even identical twins with
the exact some genetic makeup who have the same disability and severity of
symptoms will more likely than not have different responses and adjustment.
Using the required reading materials and other research literature (no
Wiki…., WebMed, etc. sites) name and
describe three individual factors (individual or personal factors – not general
societal factors), then discuss how each factor would influence an individual’s
adjustment and response to the disability(s). For example What personal factors
make the difference between one person’s adjustment or maladjustment versus
another person?
Hint: There are many specific factors that influence
responses and adjustment, be specific — no general or generic responses, For
example, saying psychological would be an unacceptable response, but familial
history of depression with a description on how this would influence an
individual’s response and adjustment would be acceptable.

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