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Week 2 discussion
Your choice. Pick number one or number two for your
discussion question this week. You just need to answer one of them for your
thread. Make sure you have read the course materials before answering either of
these questions.
1. Different countries have introduced different strategies
to increase accessibility for those with a disability in the area of open
space, education, employment, and/or professional life (careers). Explore the
internet, find another country besides the U.S. that has worked in increasing
accessibility in one major area, and discuss how they attempted to do
2. In reviewing the court cases from the readings, select
one that was interesting to you, and explain why it holds your interest. How
does this court case affect society in general, and those with a disability (s)
today. Provide specific support for your response.
While I won’t always say this… In the beginning, I like to
remind everyone that you need to support your answers with in-text citations
and a reference list. Also, while length doesn’t always represent a substantive
thread, a few sentences is not adequate for your posts.

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