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Week 4 discussion
As you know, this week is focused on universal design.
First, write a one paragraph narrative (5-8 sentences) that describes a person
who has more than one disability. Be descriptive. You can make up a person or
describe someone you know well or from a distance. Then, I want you to select
and create a space using technologies (not just IT but other assistive
technologies as well) that would help this specific individual. Please let me
know the type of space you are creating. The space could be a living room,
kitchen, community room at work, office, playground or park, a school lounge. Shop
around, look up literature on the best technologies today for the specific
disabilites, explore best practices – what is recommended, ignore costs, and be
creative. Some of the technologies may also include other items that the person
could use in the room or with their wheel chair, if appropriate. Make sure you
use citations as appropriate, and if you use a catalog to find a specific
product, then provide a link. Important: Just don’t list the technology. You
need to describe it and talk about how it can provide assistance, and why you
selected it. Choose only designs and items that will meet the specific person’s
needs that described in the narrative. Grading will be based as well on how
appropriate the design and products match the narrative.

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