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Week 5 discussion
You have reached Week 5! This week I want to give you a mini
break regarding writing posts on other student threads. You will only be
required to post your thread, unless I ask for you to acknowledge a SNAPshot or
give your opinion. Remember the entire 10 points will be focused on quality of
content, in-text citations, and a complete reference list only.
This week is focused on different types of disabilities.
Choose a single disability, and then write about how this disability affects
the 1) safety of the person, 2) communication patterns (including, if
applicable hearing, speaking, comprehension, social registry, engagement,
etc.), and 3) social relationships, including friends, family, and significant
others). You need to be comprehensive, in that one example of each is not
sufficient. Make sure you support your thread. And I would prefer that you move
away from the learning materials on this discussion question, and choose a
disability that you would want to understand more thoroughly. Remember communication
is different than social relationship effects. Even though a disorder may not
directly affect communication including speech, comprehension, or social
registry, other more specific physical impairments can impact communication
style and engagement, e.g., limb loss. All disabilities impact the three areas
that I have identified, so make sure you address all three for full credit.

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