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Chapter 3Stan Garner resides in Illinois and promotes boxing matchesfor SuperSports, Inc., an Illinois corporation. Garnercreated the concept of “Ages” promotion—a three-fight seriesof boxing matches pitting an older fighter (George Foreman)against a younger fighter, such as John Ruiz or RiddickBowe. The concept included titles for each of the threefights (“Challenge of the Ages,” “Battle of the Ages,” and“Fight of the Ages”), as well as promotional epithets tocharacterize the two fighters (“the Foreman Factor”). Garnercontacted George Foreman and his manager, who both reside inTexas, to sell the idea, and they arranged a meeting atCaesar’s Palace in Las Vegas, Nevada. At some point in thenegotiations, Foreman’s manager signed a nondisclosureagreement prohibiting him from disclosing Garner’spromotional concepts unless the parties signed a contract.Nevertheless, after negotiations between Garner and Foremanfell through, Foreman used Garner’s “Battle of the Ages”concept to promote a subsequent fight. Garner filed suitagainst Foreman and his manager in a federal district courtlocated in Illinois, alleging breach of contract. Using theinformation presented in the chapter, answer the followingquestions.1. On what basis might the federal district court inIllinois exercise jurisdiction in this case?2. Does the federal district court have original orappellate jurisdiction?3. Suppose that Garner had filed his action in an Illinoisstate court. Could an Illinois state court exercise personaljurisdiction over Foreman or his manager? Why or why not?4. Assume that Garner had filed his action in a Nevada statecourt. Would that court have personal jurisdiction overForeman or his manager? Explain.

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