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Two computer science majors, Trent and Xavier, have an ideafor a new video game, which they propose to call “Hallowed.”They form a business and begin developing their idea.Several months later, Trent and Xavier run into a problemwith their design and consult with a friend, Brad, who is anexpert in designing computer source codes. Before Hallowedis marketed, however, the video game “Halo 2” is releasedfor both the Xbox and Game Cube systems. Halo 2 uses thesame source codes as Hallowed and imitates its overall lookand feel. Using the information presented in the chapter,answer the following questions.1. Would the name Hallowed receive protection as a trademarkor as trade dress?2. If Trent and Xavier had obtained a business processpatent on Hallowed, would the release of Halo 2 infringe ontheir patent? Why or why not?3. Based only the facts described above, could Trent andXavier sue the makers of Halo 2 for copyright infringement?Why or why not?4. Suppose that Trent and Xavier discover that Brad took theidea of Hallowed and sold it to the company that producedHalo 2. Which type of intellectual property issue does thisraise?

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