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Chapter 4Two sisters, Darla and Irene, are partners in an importbusiness located in a small town in Rhode Island. Irene ismarried to a well-known real estate developer and iscampaigning to be the mayor of their town. Darla is in hermid-thirties and has never been married. Both sisters travelto other countries to purchase the goods they sell at theirretail store. Irene buys Indonesian goods, and Darla buysgoods from Africa. After a tsunami (tidal wave) destroysmany of the cities in Indonesia to which Irene usuallytravels, she phones one of her contacts there and asks himto procure some items and ship them to her. He informs herthat it will be impossible to buy these items now becausethe townspeople are being evacuated due to a water shortage.Irene is angry and tells the man that if he cannot purchasethe goods, he should just take them without paying for themafter the town has been evacuated. Darla overhears hersister’s instructions and is outraged. They have a falling-out, and Darla decides that she no longer wishes to be inbusiness with her sister. Using the information presented inthe chapter, answer the following questions.1. Suppose that Darla tells several of her friends aboutIrene instructing the man to take goods without paying forthem from the people of Indonesia after the tsunamidisaster. If Irene files a tort action against Darlaalleging slander, will her suit be successful? Why or whynot?2. Now suppose that Irene wins the election and becomes thecity’s mayor. Darla then writes a letter to the editor ofthe local newspaper disclosing Irene’s misconduct. If Ireneaccuses Darla of committing libel, what defenses could Darlaassert?3. If Irene accepts goods shipped from Indonesia that werewrongfully obtained, has she committed an intentional tortagainst property? Explain.4. Suppose now that Darla was in the store one day with anelderly customer, Betty Green, who was looking for a uniquegift for her granddaughter’s graduation present. When thephone rang, Darla left the customer and walked to thecounter to answer the phone. Green wandered around the storeand eventually went through an open door into the stockroomarea, where she fell over some boxes on the floor andfractured her hip. Green files a negligence action againstthe store. Did Darla breach her duty of care? Why or whynot?

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