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In this module you are required to 3-5 p (not including the cover and reference pages) position paper thoroughly discussing the material presented during the week. APA citations are expected, an abstract is not.The readings stand learning activities in this module introduce you to the political system of the United States and the threats and challenges to American national security. For this, and all position paper assignments, it is crucial to base your opinions and arguments on researchLinks to an external site. website for more information on writing your paper.In August 1990, President George H.W. Bush declared that the United States “must possess forces able to respond to threats in whatever corner of the globe they may occur.”In a critical analysis of this statement, provide answers to the following questions:What do you consider to be the most relevant current sources of threat to America’s security? Provide relevant sources and examples to back up your consideration.Are there any limitations to the effective use of military power regarding these challenges? Explain.What other kinds of national power might be appropriately directed to these problems? Why?

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