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Final ExamName______________________________________ Date_________________Directions: Please bring your response to class the day of the final. It must be typed and spacing1.5 using Times Roman font.Short Response Essay Question:1. Is one body system more important than another system? (Hint: Consider the functions ofeach system) 2. In consideration of the following genetic cross: XBXb x XBY Color blindness is arecessive trait (b) and normal vision is dominant (B). If the parents above had children:a. What is the possibility of them having a son that is color blind?b. What is the possibility of them having a daughter that is color blind?c. What would the genotypes have to be in order for them to have a color blinddaughter?3. Since the spaceship will be too far from the sun for photosynthesis, an artificial lightsource will be needed. What wavelengths of light should be used to maximize plantgrowth with a minimum of energy expenditure?a. A mixture of blue and red light would be absorbed more.b. Full-spectrum of white light is the best source of light since it contains all the colors of the spectrum.c. Green light would produce the more growth. Complete a concept map using the following terms. AtomsElectronsMitosisNeutronsProteins PhenotypeLipidsOrganNucleic AcidsProtons BasesMeiosis which is relevant to evolution.CarbohydratesOrgan SystemsTissues AcidsIonsMoleculesCellsGenotypeOrganismConcept Map Activity c Cell division relevant to thediversity of organisms on Earth.

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