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BUL 2242 – Corporate Research ProjectDirections:You are to choose one Fortune 500 Company (may be public or private) toresearch using the corporate profile and company reputation questions below to get youstarted and assist you in your research. Look for a company that interests you and onethat you would like to invest in, if you could. You are not limited to only these questions.If there is other information you wish to know about the company and incorporate thatinto your research paper, please do. You do not have to address every question below, butyour research should be comprehensive enough to give the instructor thorough researchinformation about the company you chose. Do not plagiarize! Do your research andthen tell it in your own words. If you need to quote something, please give credit to thatsource. Your research paper should be no more than 4 typed pages and no less than2 full typed pages – single spaced with double spacing between paragraphs. You areto cite at the end of your paper all sources from which you took your information.You MUST have at least 2 different sources from which you find your information.Be complete in your citation format. Your grade will be based on how thorough yourinformation is on your chosen company. The instructor should be able to read yoursummarization of a particular company’s portfolio as an interested consumer would whenconsidering purchasing stock in this particular company. This writtenassignment may be typed directly into the Submission Box ormay be submitted as an Attachment that is in the format of AMICROSOFT WORD DOCUMENT!Information Sources:Try using the search engine “Google” and the search string: “name ofcompany” to find a company’s website. Company web pages will often listbranches/subsidiaries/facilities locations, provide overview of company operations, givecompany policy on such issues as environment and diversity, company press releases,SEC filings, annual reports, product listings, executives and other useful information.Also, the public libraries have publications that give information on many Fortune 500companies.In researching a corporation, there are several categories that you should consider findinginformation about:Corporate ProfileCompany ReputationLabor IssuesEnvironmental IssuesMoney and PoliticsThe first place to begin is information on a company’s profile. This information will helpyou understand the company you are dealing with and help guide the rest of yourresearch.Corporate Profile Sample Questions: 1. Who are the executives and board of directors? How much do they get paid(and other compensation)? How much stock do they own? You do not haveto name each of the directors, but report how many are on the BOD, theaverage compensation, stock held, etc. What are the financial indicators for the firm? (profit, debt, sales, growth, etc.)How many employees, occupational categories, union base, wage levels?What is the parent/subsidiary structure of the firm?Where does the company have facilities? Where is it headquartered?What major products does it produce?Is the company involved in business outside this particular industry/business?What do the firm leaders articulate as goals for the company’s development?What are the business plans for the coming year? What are areas ofgrowth/downsizing? How do they see themselves in the industry?9. What is the production or service delivery process?10. Is it a public or private company?Company Reputation Sample Questions:1. Has the company been involved in any bad business deals?2. Does the company have poor community relations in our local area or in otherlocations?3. Have the company or any of its subsidiaries or any company affiliated withexecutives for board members filed for bankruptcy?4. Have there been shareholder actions against the company and were theysuccessful? How did the company respond?5. Has any organization called for a boycott against the company or its products?Why?6. Is the company a near monopoly within the industry?7. Has the company used aggressive business tactics that have a bad impact onworkers or the local community?8. Have there been any product liability lawsuits against the company?9. Do they have facilities in other countries? Do they have a record of activelysupporting those governments?REMEMBER: You are not limited to answering only these questions in your paper.Think of information that would be helpful to you, as a consumer or potentialshareholder, that you would want to know regarding the company you select.

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