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Read the scenario: In November 2010, the California Supreme Court ruled that illegal immigrants are entitled to the same tuition advantages enjoyed by legal residents. This means that illegal immigrants will pay about 11,000 less per year to attend a public college and 23,000 less to attend a public university than U.S citizens who reside outside of California. (A number of other states have similar laws.) Research the arguments for and against this ruling and decide whether you support it. Explain your view and reasons for holding it, taking care to anticipate and respond to possible objections to it.You will use the information presented in the Scenario for the Unit Project. Select a persuasive format (white paper, newspaper Op-Ed piece, or blog post) to present your response.The following components should be included:Your response should be a minimum of 3 pages. ï·Write the document for a specific target audience and with a clear goal and purpose that is evident from the content. ï·Present a clear opinion and position on the issue illustrated in the scenario. ï·Use logical and sound evidence to support your viewpoints.

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