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Pick from at least two of the research designs described in chapter nine of our textbook.Designs in chapter 9 are:Case study, Ethnography, Phenomenological study, Grounded Theory Study, ContentAnalysis,In a 500-750 word essay, compare and contrast the outcomes that would bederived from each design. Your essay should strictly follow APA formatting, citation, andstyle guidelines.Include a treatment of at least one scholarly article per design you choose thatemploys the particular design.For example, if you choose to compare and contrast ethnographic research to case studyresearch, you should include a treatment of at least one ethnographic study and at leastone case study.Compare and contrast 2 of the designs listed above.These articles should not be about the design itself, but rather demonstrate thedesign as it is applied.Use the following questions to help guide your essay: Which design would be practical for a large study? Which one would be practical for a small study

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