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Capstone Project OverviewCreation of a market entry plan,or creation of a market expansion plan,or an M&A planThe structure of this assignment is comprehensive and integrative. It requires synthesis and evaluation of information, skills and knowledge developed throughout your degree program. This is week project will serve as a culminating project.Each model have a specific portiontodescribed in the modules.Prepare each assignment according to the APA guidelines found in the APA Style Guide, An abstract is not required.The following is the outline of the Plan that is advised to follow as closely as possible. Each topic will address one or few specific competencies or learning outcomes.OverviewDescribebriefly the context and your organization (500 word maximum).a) Articulate the vision, mission, and strategy of your organization (or business unit or division).b) What are the sources of competitive advantage?c) What is the business opportunity?Module 11. Environmental analysis and Industry AnalysisUsingthe Segments of the General Environment write the environmental analysis of your Capstone Project (500 word maximum)a) Incorporate the Five Forces of Competition to help write the Industry analysis of your Capstone Project.b) Use the CAGE model (if you are entering global or international markets) applicable) to help you write the industry analysis of your Capstone Project.c) What do you see as being the trends, outlook or forecast for the type of organization that you are writing about in your Capstone Project?Module 22.Marketing Plan for the Capstone ProjectBased on the organization you have selected, this week you will write a 750-1000word Marketing Plan. You can use the Marketing Plan Sample as a template for this section, omitting those topics covered in other sections of the Capstone document.a)What is your target market?b)What is the size of your potential target market?c)Describe the 4Ps of marketing in your organization (product/positioning, pricing, promotion, and placement).Due by the end of Module 33.Organizational PlanBased on the organization you have selected, for this module you will write a (750 word maximum) Organizational Plan that addresses the following:a) Describe who will comprise your management team and what talents or skills each of the team members will bring to the organization. Include a simple organizational chart.b) Outline a McKinsey 7-S Assessment/Model as it applies to your business.c) Describe the Business level strategy and how it fits with the corporate level strategy.Module 45.Operational PlanBased on the organization you have selected, this week you will write a (500 word maximum) Operational Plan that addresses the following (guidelines):a) What is the supply chain for your prospective organization? Where does your organization bring value in this supply chain?b) Who are your main partners and suppliers? What are their locations? What is your contingency plan?c) How will you optimize operational effectiveness in your organization? How will you ensure your firm is lean?d) Consider your operational plan from a value chain perspective and identify and discuss the primary and support activities.Module 56. Financial PlanBased on the organization you have selected, this week you will write a Financial Plan (500 word maximum) plus spreadsheet(s) to address the following:a) Using Excel,create a three year Pro Forma income statement for your organization (or product/service).b) What will be your financial break-even point?c) If you require investment capital, identify possible sources (friends, family, banks, USSBA, etc.)d) How will you use financial information to help you craft your business strategy?e) What key financial ratio will you be using to measure the performance of your organization to determine success?Module 67. Critical Risks Assessment and Milestones Schedule for the Capstone ProjectBased on the organization you have selected, this week you will write a (500 word maximum, plus a spreadsheet) Critical Risk Assessment and Milestones Schedule that addresses the following:a) Describe the preferred timing and objectives of your business plan.Include an Excel spreadsheet with critical decisions and dates.b) What contingency plans will you have in place for any issues that may arise?Module 78. Strategic Leadership and Entrepreneurship AnalysisThere are three assignments for this module pertaining to the Capstone Project: Strategic Leadership and the Executive SummaryBased on the organization you have selected, this week you will write a (500 word maximum) Strategic Leadership and Entrepreneurship section that addresses the following topics:a) What is your sphere of influence in your organization? Based on this, what impact can you have on the implementation of your business plan?b) What is your own bias?c) What hurdles do you anticipate?d) What leadership stylewill you have to demonstrate? Where do you fall short?e) What are your strengths and weaknesses as it relates to your business?f) How can you impact and influence others and your future organization to deliver the results you expect?9. Executive SummaryRevise the Overview written in Module One into an Executive Summary of your business plan.a) Include a few sentences to describe each section of the Business Plan so the reader can understand what will follow in the detailed sectionsof the plan.10. Finalize the Strategic Business PlanIntegrate the plan components developed in each module into a finalized Strategic Business Plan. Incorporate any feedback from your instructor into the final document as well.Module 8

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