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Business Management – Human Resources ManagementThe task below requires you to answers 3 questions base on the case study provided.Case Study:Canned IndustriesHugh Parker is the CEO of a canned tuna and salmon manufacturer called Canned Industries, located in Tasmania. The business is currently in negotiations with the trade union for a new enterprise agreement. Due to a series of poor financial results, the business has offered employees a 4% pay increase over the next 3 years. The union has labelled the offer as embarrassing and negotiations have completely broken down. Both the union and the business have taken industrial action and there is no end in sight to dispute.Question 1Describe what is meant by ‘industrial action’. Outline the impact industrial action can have on TWO stakeholders at Canned Industries.Question 2Hugh is concerned that if the business increases it’s offer to employees it will need to downsize in the near future. Explain the transition issues Hugh would need to consider when implementing redundancy?Question 3Discuss an appropriate dispute resolution process for Canned Industries in overcoming this situation.

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