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Business Management- Human Resources ManagementAnswer the following two questions base from this case study.Case StudyAlison’s MinisAlison is the owner of two small bakeries in Melbourne called Alison’s Minis which specialise in cupcakes. She currently has 18 staff across the two stores, one in Bourke Street and the other in Collins Street. Alison spends most of her time in the Bourke Street store where she runs the day to day operations. She has a manager, Tony that manages the second store in Collins Street. Alison is passionate about her cupcakes and likes to control most of the processes herself. The majority of her staff in Bourke Street just serve customers and are not allowed to be involved in the making of cupcakes or other products. Tony however, has trained all of his employees to take greater responsibility. This allows them to rotate jobs and actually make the products including the cupcakes. Alison has recently analysed some employee indicators and realised that employees in Bourke Street had lower motivation than those in Collins Street.Discuss the use of career advancement as strategy for long-term motivation. (Compare and evaluate strategies used for motivation and training when managing a business)2. Alison is considering training her staff to make cupcakes. Evaluate on-the-job and off-the-job training for Alison when training her staff to make the cupcakes. (Propose and justify strategies to manage employees effectively)

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