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1. Emotions are not a link to childrenâs mental and physical health.a. Trueb. False2. Communication becomes discourse or socially based conversation, then children are able to listen and respond to anotherâs speech.a. Trueb. False3. Behaviors focused on objects outside the infantâs own body that the infant repeatedly engages in because they are pleasurable and satisfying are a primary circular reaction.a. Trueb. False4. Premature infants who are born at 34 weeks often do not smile until 12 weeks after birth.a. Trueb. False5. The attribution of life to inanimate objects is centration thinking.a. Trueb. False6. A detailed examination of how a child solves a problem is information processinga. Trueb. False7. An infantâs distress reaction to separation from his or her mother is sadness.a. Trueb. False8. The specific aspect of metalinguistic awareness related to the sounds of language is bilingualism.a. Trueb. False9. The inability to use a known memory strategy or to benefit from the use of such a memory strategy is utilization deficiency.a. Trueb. False10. Logical thinking that involves reaching a necessary and valid conclusion based on a set of premises is propositional reasoning.a. Trueb. False11. An emotional script is a complex scheme that enables a child to identify the emotional reaction likely to accompany a particular sort of event.a. Trueb. False12. The tendency to view the world from oneâs own perspective and to have difficulty seeing things from anotherâs viewpoint is egocentrism.a. Trueb. False13. The formal operations stage is when the child becomes capable of abstract thinking, complex reasoning and hypothesis testinga. Trueb. False14. Attachment is a strong emotional bond that forums between infant and caregiver in the first half of the childâs first yeara. Trueb. False15. Attention control, flexibility in thinking and greater morphological awareness is all traits of children that are skilled in two languages.a. Trueb. False16. Poor parents often suffer more physical and emotional problems that impair their parenting abilities.a. Trueb. False17. The children raised in families that discussed feelings were better able to recognize othersâ emotions.a. Trueb. False18. Over 1,300 children die each year; 65% of these children die as a direct result of physical abuse and another 36% die from the consequences of neglect.a. Trueb. False19. A characteristic defined by an IQ score of 90 together with difficulty in speaking appropriately is mental retardation.a. Trueb. False20. A psychometrician is a psychologist who specializes in the construction and use of tests designed to measure various psychological constructs such as intelligence and various personality characteristicsa. Trueb. False21. A person or other stimulus that acquires reinforcing properties by virtue of repeated association with a primary reinforce is the learning theory of attachment.a. Trueb. False22. Adaptation is adjusting oneâs thinking to fit with the environmental demands.a. Trueb. False23. The process by which birds and other infrahuman animals develop a preference for the person or object to which they are first exposed during a brief, critical period after birth is imprinting.a. Trueb. False24. Information stored mentally in some form or another is mental representation.a. Trueb. False25. A child-care context in which children are cared for in a âhome-likeâ environment by professional caregivers is referred to as center care.a. Trueb. False

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