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The following mission statements (1 & 2)of a Child Development Center. FYI: I am taking up Early Childhood Education. All answers should revolve in an early childhood setting.Mission Statement 1The (name of organization/center) mission is to provide comprehensive, quality childcare services to the community at large, by offering a variety of opportunities for children’s intellectual, emotional, social and physical development in a clean safe, and nurturing environment.Mission Statement 2The (name of organization/center) is to provide an inclusive learning environment in which all children and adults fell welcome, respected, and valued. Our goal is to build cooperative links between the program children, families, and the communities we serve, to ensure that each child in our program reaches their full potential.Please respond to the following questions after you analyze the 2 mission statements mentioned above. Paraphrase the sentence if possible and respond in a holistic way. Strong writing is required. Please respond in a question and answer format.What are your goals as an XYZ teacher?What does quality program mean to you?How can we improve children’s cognitive development?How can we improve effective learning for our students?How can we improve childfen’s social-emotional skills?How can we improve children’s physical dvelopment in a safe environment

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