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1. Referential integrity constraints are used to ____a- Enforce one to many relationshipsb- Enforce the uniqueness of the values entered as primary keysc- Ensure the foreign keys can be entered only if the correspondingvalue exists in the originating tabled- Ensure that values entered for a certain property (I,e, tablecolumn) are appropriate2- The___ is a feature that enables you to ask complex questions that entailretrieving different types or data or data from different sources.a-Subquerya- Either B or Cb- Middle queryc- superquery3- which should be the first step in designing a databaseabcd- Enter data into the tablesGet the money upfront before this phaseIdentify the entities and their defining attributesSpecify relationships among the entities 4- The term referring to a uniquely identifiable thing in the real world thatyou want to model in an ER diagram is called___abcd- ClassEntityObjecttable

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