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Question1I would like to target either Apple or Coca ColaTarget a multinational corporation/international company and the practice of “outsourcing” to third world countries. Some examples of MNCs (multinational corporations) would be Nike, General Motors, Ford, Qwest, and Fender Music. Research its effects on local culture.How does global stratification impact local culture? What are the positive and negative effects?How does global stratification impact the United States? What are the positive and negative effects?Who is the biggest “winner” in this situation? Explain.question 2Write a two to three page paper describing the differences between leadership and management in reference to the information in your text. In your paper also include your response to the following:How does following these guidelines help you in your role as a leader? Be sure to include examples of how you use vision, values and ethics to enhance your leadership.How could you improve in your role as a leader/manager?

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