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Research: Most histories of a specific innovation focus on a small handful of elements: the charismatic inventor, the ambitious entrepreneur, the eureka moment or lucky investment. However, as we have learned this semester, the history of any innovation is much more complex and nuanced than what makes the cover of the newspapers. For this paper prompt, you are to picka specific innovation and a new, critical history of its development and popularization from aspecific angle.How did this innovation take advantage of a particular legal grey area? How did its inventors or investors influence the standard on which the innovation needed to function? Did it come out of the unique cultural practices of a particular community? Did it rewrite the rules for fundraising? Research for these papers will need to go beyond the obvious think pieces and fawning profiles and may need to look into academic articles, biographies, or primary sources. All papers must be 6-8 pages long.*NEEDED*Topic? Maybe something reagrding a specific social media site/an appMain Thesis/Argument StatementSkeleton outline: (Topic sentances/for each paragraph from introduction through to the conclusion)Example: 1) Introduction 2) History of how innovation was started, etc.The links/outside sources you used

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