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You will write a Human Learning Research Paper that will compare Behavioral Learning Theories and Cognitive Learning Theories. You will include a title page, a 150–250-word abstract, an 8-page body, and a reference page. The body will include an introduction, 6 sections, and a conclusion. The paper must be formatted in current APA style. Current APA Level 1 sub-headings must be used throughout the paper. The 6 main sections of the paper will address the following topics:1. Historical Development of Each Theory—For each theory, discuss prominent persons and their corresponding historic research. Include how the theory has been developed over time. Have there been significant changes from its development to what current researchers in the area believe?2. Key Concepts of Each Theory—This section will focus on the major points of each theory. How is new information acquired? What are the goals of learning? What is unique about each theory?3. Research Support for Each Theory—This section will include a review of 4 peer-reviewed research articles. The first 2 articles will address research in which Behavior Learning Theory has been applied. The other 2 articles will use Cognitive Learning Theory in the research. Each article must show the effectiveness of the learning theory which it addresses.4. Educational Implications—This section will discuss the implications for how learning takes place in the classroom. Discuss the benefits and applications of each theory. How would each theory say we learn in a classroom setting? What are the benefits to teaching new information utilizing each theory?5. Biblical Worldview—Discuss what the Bible says regarding learning behavior in humans. How would a Biblical worldview impact a learner? Include chapter and verse when citing the Bible.6. Most Effective Theory of Learning—Select which theory of learning (Behavioral or Cognitive) you believe is most effective. Back up your decision with research support citing journal articles and the text.Reference Requirements: Required sources for this paper include the Bible, your textbook, and 4 peer-reviewed journal articles. You must provide at least 2 additional scholarly sources. Remaining sources must address educational implications, historical context, and/or biblical worldview topics related to Behavioral and Cognitive Learning Theories. At least 4 of the sources must be dated within the past 10 years. Popular writing and web pages are NOT acceptable sources for this paper. Refer to the provided rubric to fully understand the expectations for this assignment.

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