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A research paper is required for this class. You can pick any topic covered in the
textbook but need my written approval of the topic you select( CONTROLLER’S

. In general, the
paper should be about ten, double-spaced, typed pages (3,000 words) proceeded
by an
“executive summary” of about one page and followed
with a complete reference list. Please
plan to incorporate approximately 10 outside (other then the textbook)
references. Please keep the analysis well-organized, direct and to the point
and avoid needless “filler” that detracts from the overall effort.
Citations and references are to be in accordance with APA
style, e.g., citation would be (Smith, 1992, p.7). Be sure to give proper
credit for the ideas of others. Anything less is plagiarism. Appearances count;
also pay attention to topic flow, proper pagination, sectioning, subheadings,
general format, spelling, punctuation, grammar, etc

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