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Prepare a five to seven page paper addressing the prompts given below. Papers will be graded according the following rubrics.Rubrics:1. Identify the key concepts of Frankl’s existential approach to therapy — Value; 502. Describe an incident in the book you find particularly enlighteninig and why it was important. — Value; 503. Tell me what you like about the existential approach and why. — Value; 404. Tell me what you find lacking in the approach and why. — Value; 405. Explain what you think you could use from the approach in future work as a therapist. — Value; 40Writing standards — Value; 30APA format — Value; 30Typos (-1) & forbidden usages (-2)Readings:THEORY AND PRACTICE OF COUNSELLING AND PSYCHOTHERAPY (Tenth Edition)- Gerald Correy. Chapter 6.Yalom 2002

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