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Country Analysis Research Paper for FranceBackground:Your company is introducing a new high end automobile (similar to a BMW, Lexus, Mercedes, etc.) andthe company is trying to decide if they should export the car from the U.S. to the country of your choice.Action Items Choose your country and post to Blackboard’s discussion board. Only 1 country per student.Country choice is on a first-come first-serve basis. Put your country of choice in the title of yourdiscussion board post.You are to complete a country analysis then make a recommendation on whether the companyshould pursue a more detailed analysis for exporting their upscale car to the country youanalyzed. You should consider but are not limited to the following areas (include any type ofinformation you think would be important when trying to decide if your country would be agood or bad opportunity/investment)o Political/Legalo Economico Trading Conditionso Socioeconomic & Cultural Aspects Here is a website with some suggested areas: Remember to include thenecessary information to make a recommendation. Bottomline, should your company pursue a more detailed analysis (spend a lot of money andresources) to determine if it will export a high-end car to the country of your choice.Remember to keep the product in mind when making your analysis. Support your final recommendation with the data you used to come to your conclusion. Possible sources of information (in no particular order and some are better than others):Do not limit yourself to just these sources Export-Import Bank of the United States: Trade Online: International Trade Commission: Trade Organization: Reports provided by the government of Australia: export site provided by the U.S. government: World Factbook: State Library Resources: visit or call the Athens State Library for more information on country research at . They will help and show you how to find the information youneed. Paper Requirements: APA format (include the required sections such as title page, reference page, and etc…). Here agood source for APA: of the paper to be 4 – 5 pages (no more than 6 pages). The body does not include the titlepage, reference page, or etc.You will find a lot of information concerning your country. If you attempt to include all theinformation found, you will not be able to stay within the 6 page limit or your paper will not beclear and well organized.Use table, charts, and etc if it improves the presentation of your country analysis. Be creative. Country Analysis Grading RubricItem Target Acceptable Needs Work Purpose: Focus Purpose is clear; Clearlypresents a main idea andsupports it throughout thepaper. Shows awareness of purpose;Main idea not clear and/ornot fully supportedthroughout the paper. Shows limited or noawareness of purpose Exceptionally well-presentedand argued; ideas aredetailed, well-developed,supported with relevant andspecific evidence & facts, aswell as examples and specificdetails. Content is sound and solid;ideas are present but notparticularly developed orsupported; some evidence,but usually of a generalizednature; and/or included nonrelevant information whichdoes not support the purposeof the paper Content is not sound;Presented country informationwith little to no sense or logicof how the information is tobe used to make arecommendation; and/ormuch of the information is notrelevant or does not helpsupport the recommendationbe made. Accuracy All information and data usedis accurate and presented inthe proper context Majority of information anddata used is accurate andpresented in the propercontext; and/or minor errorswith data and informationpresented Major errors with theinformation and/or data usedand/or used in wrong context ClearRecommendation Recommendation is clear.Reader will have no doubtwhat the recommendation is A recommendation ispresented but may not beclear or presents doubt to thereader Recommendation is not clearand/or not present The content supports therecommendation being made.Information presents both thestrengths and weaknesses ofthe recommendation. The content supports therecommendation overall butdoes not present the strengthsand weaknesses of thecountry or is not clearly linked Content RecommendationSupported Recommendation is notsupported to an acceptablelevel to the recommendation Organization Well-planned and wellthought out. Includes title,introduction, statement ofmain idea, transitions, andconclusion. There is a sense oforganization, although someof the organizational tools areused weakly or missing;and/or some paragraphs haveclear ideas, support fromexamples may be missing andtransitions are weak Poor overall organization ofpaper.; and/or paragraphs lackclear ideas Sources are well integratedand support the paper’sclaims. There may beoccasional errors, but thesources and Works Citedconform to APA style. Thereare few errors in APS style Sources support some claimsmade in the paper, but mightnot be integrated well withinthe paper’s argument and/orthere many errors in APAstyle. The paper does not useadequate research or if itdoes, the sources are notintegrated well, not citedcorrectly according to APAstyle, or overall paper doesnot follow APA Style. A few errors in grammar,spelling, syntax andpunctuation, but not many. Shows a pattern of errors inspelling, grammar, syntaxand/or punctuation. Couldalso be a sign of lack of proofreading. Continuous errors Most paragraphs have clearideas, are supported withsome examples and havetransitions. Research Grammar andmechanics

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