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Students will read assigned critical thinking applications to read. You are required to answer thequestions following the case. Be sure to number and answer ALL questions. Responses should be indepth and high quality, with necessary relevant details and facts/ theory to support your answer. Thefirst critical thinking assignment is below.You are encouraged to use outside references and sources to support your answers!In a New York Times article entitled "Hi, I’m in Bangalore (but I Can’t Say So)," Mark Landers describesthe training for customer service center workers in India. "Hi, my name is Susan Sanders, and I’m fromChicago," said C. R> Suman, who is actually from India and is sitting in Bangalore as she talks withan American caller regarding a service offered by a US telecommunications company. Part of Ms.Suman’s training at Customer Asset, the Indian call center, is to "fake it" as an American. She not onlyreceives considerable dialect training so callers think they are speaking with a midwesterner, she isalso given instructions to lie to the caller about where she is from and where she is at the time of thecall. "Susan’s" parents are Bob and Ann, she has a brother Mark, and she attended the University ofIllinois. Ms. Suman’s training included an episode of "Friends" in which she was supposed to learn"in" phrases. Defenders of this practice maintain that customers are troubled if they find out that thecompany representative with whom they are dealing with is over 8,000 miles away. Ms. Suman earnsabout $3,500 per year for full-time work with Customer Asset.Assignment:1) What do you see as the major advantages and disadvantages of contracting with an overseascustomer call center?2) What do you see as the advantages and disadvantages of allowing this outsourced organization tolie to your customers about who they are and where they are?3) Is it unethical to contract with such an organization?4) What if Customer Asset presented data showing American callers are more satisfied with the callservice they received from the "fake" Americans that from call center associates who admit they areIndians sitting in India?5) Would you be more accepting of this practice if data showed customers feel more secure abouttransactions if they feel they are interacting with an American?6) Do a Net search to determine what the salary would be of a customer service representativeworking in the United States.

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