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Module 1 discussion
Identify the five Amendments to the U.S. Constitution that
apply to criminal procedure and list the specific rights granted by each

Module 2 discussion
Discuss the value of the Privacy Doctrine.

Module 3 discussion
Identify the types of information officers can rely on to
build reasonable suspicion. Give two
examples of each.

Module 4 discussion
Discuss the arrest warrant requirement.

Module 5 discussion
Discuss why police officers prefer “consent searches.”

Module 6 discussion
Discuss the four common characteristics that apply to the
various special-needs searches.

Module 7 discussion
Discuss the four ways that people confess their guilt, or
make incriminating statements. Incriminating statements refers to statements
that fall short of a full confession.

Module 8 discussion
Define federal crimes of terrorism and the agencies that
play a role in counter intelligence and counterterrorism operations.

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