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Question 1 Prints that do not need development to be seen
Question 1 options:

None of the above



Question 2 (5 points) Question 2 Unsaved
The FBI team that responds to collect evidence, including
fingerprints, is:
Question 3 It is
possible to collect a patent impression using Mikrosil casting.
Question 3 options:
Question 4 A second
major limitation of evidence prints is actually not having any evidence prints
at all.
Question 4 options:
Question 5 What are the three types of evidence prints?
Question 6 What
affects the type of detail and amount of detail needed to identify a
Question 7 Prints that have been impressed into a substance
are called:
Question 8 Do you
believe the 160 hour training program for ERT members is sufficient, in light
of the types of evidence, including fingerprint identification, to be collected
by these personnel? Why or why not?
Question 9 Applying the Core Value of Community, what impact
does the AFIS system have on the forensic science discipline?
Question 11 What is
your interpretation of Henry Faulds’ remark to the scientific journal Nature
that “bloody finger-marks or impressions on clay, glass, etc. exist, they
may lead to the scientific identification of criminals”?
Question 12 Can
fingerprint identifications be the sole source of evidentiary material for a
cold case?
Question 13 Who is
David Ashbaugh and what is his contribution to fingerprint identification?
Question 16 Would you agree that identification of an
individual is possible “when only partial prints are available”?
Explain your rationale.
Question 17 Why is a
door knob or drawer pull not a good surface for obtaining a latent print? What
would be a better surface in your opinion? Why?
Question 18 Who is
Richard Allen Davis and how is he connected to the world of fingerprint
Question 19 When a
latent print is identified and recovered, is it necessary to document the date
in which it was recovered? How does this affect chain of custody. Explain your
Question 20 What is
ACE/V? How does this process impact the judicial system regarding fingerprint

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