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Question 1 Why is a biological (liquid) fluid collected in a
glass tube, such as blood from a DUI blood draw or a urine sample collected at
the scene, never frozen?
Question 2 According to the article “Proper Tagging and
Labeling of Evidence for Later Identification” by Mike Byrd, what is a “chain
of custody” and what does it establish?
Question 3 Using the Saint Leo Core Value of Integrity (The
commitment of SLU to excellence demands that its members live its mission and
deliver on its promise… the pledge to be honest, just, and consistent in word
and deed), explain how the integrity of evidence can be compromised if proper
collection and preservation is not utilized.
Question 4 What are two (2) methods in which you can
preserve and/or collect bloodstain pattern evidence?
Question 5 What tools are necessary for a crime scene or
evidence technician to properly collect and package biological items? List at
least four (4) tools required to collect biological evidence and four (4) items
used in packaging such evidence. Why did you select these particular items?
Question 6 Explain what a SAVE is and how it is used to
collect and preserve evidence.
Question 7 Describe the steps utilized to create a
pharmaceutical or druggists fold. Why is this particular type of evidence
container helpful when collecting trace items?
Question 8 Items of a biological nature should be packaged
in plastic to prevent degradation of the evidence. Why is this statement false?
How should items of a biological nature be packaged?
Question 9 What advances are being made for difficult trace
evidence recovery? List at least two (2) new methods and explain why these
techniques will assist with future evidence collection.
Question 10 Trace evidence refers to what? List at least
four (4) types of materials that can be considered trace evidence. Describe how
you would collect that type of trace evidence and what information is yielded
from its recovery?

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