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Week 1 discussion
QUESTIONS (select one for discussion)
1 Based on this week’s readings, what photographic
techniques do you think provide the most information to an investigator? Why is
it better than another technique suggested by the text or the readings? What
value does photographic evidence have in crime scene investigation? Are images
from the crime scene easily manipulated? How so, and what are some ways this
can be avoided?
2. What educational background is typically required of a
forensic technician or CSI? For a criminalist? For a latent print examiner?
Compare and contrast these requirements.
Are there certifications available for these disciplines? If
so should they be a requirement for the position or a condition of continued
employment if the person is in a trainee status? Why or why not?
3. Define and discuss the importance of the following
photography concepts:
Depth of field
Fill flash
Bounce flash
Normal view
Wide-angle view
Resolution- why is this important in digital photography?
White balance- why is this important in digital photography
4. Current Event: Read an article in a LOCAL community or
REGIONAL newspaper or journal regarding one of the topics covered in this
module. Write a synopsis of the article and discuss it in terms of the
materials covered in this module.
Discuss investigative procedures, techniques, methods, or anything else
that may be related to the article as based on the course materials. In other
words, apply the materials from the book to the article that you read.

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