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Week 4 discussion
Questions (Select one for discussion)
1.As biological evidence most often is recognized by the
media and the public as “DNA”, what would you argue is the most common form of
biological material collected at a crime scene? Since DNA is technically not
what is collected (instead a swab of a fluid such as blood, saliva, sweat, or
semen) how important is the collection process for biological evidence?
2. Current Event: Read an article in a LOCAL community or
REGIONAL newspaper or journal regarding one of the topics covered in this
module. Write a synopsis of the article and discuss it in terms of the
materials covered in this module.
Discuss investigative procedures, techniques, methods, or anything else
that may be related to the article as based on the course materials. In other
words, apply the materials from the book to the article that you read. Identify a Saint Leo core value and apply it
to the discussion.
3. Biological evidence is extremely important when
investigating the crime of sexual assault. Describe and discuss the unique
procedures that must be used in the investigation of sexual assault. Why are
they important?

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