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Week 6 discussion
QUESTIONS (select one for discussion):
1. At a crime scene, to prevent contamination and
cross-contamination of evidence, as well as maintain the personal safety of the
investigators, scene access should be limited to people directly involved in
scene processing as well as making certain to follow established entry/exit
routes at the scene. What other protocols for safety of the investigator and
prevention of scene/evidence contamination should be adhered to? What aspects of PPE are the most important
(or are they all important)?
2. Current Event: Read an article in a LOCAL community or
REGIONAL newspaper or journal regarding one of the topics covered in this
module. Write a synopsis of the article and discuss it in terms of the
materials covered in this module. Discuss
investigative procedures, techniques, methods, or anything else that may be
related to the article as based on the course materials. In other words, apply
the materials from the book to the article that you read.
3. A crime scene can be anywhere! Some crime scenes may be
very challenging to safely process and collect all of the necessary evidence.
This photograph appeared with a recent news article reporting on a dead body
that was discovered in a port-a-potty outside of a sports stadium.
As you can imagine, this particular crime scene provided
more than one challenge. Identify the specific challenges presented by this
crime scene and discuss how you would safely address them.

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